Car Removal

It is rare for a person to abandon a vehicle on or near private property, but sometimes ordinary people face this situation. Illegal parking means putting a vehicle on someone's front lawn or else parking in front of a drive way. In some residential areas, it is not lawful to park on the side of the road. Anytime an ordinance is violated, it is necessary to contact the authorities and a service that provides car removal from private property.

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It is unusual, but sometimes a person visiting a neighbor might park near or on another residence's private turf. Some people quietly tolerate this if they like the neighbor, but it is not necessary to suffer in silence. It is a matter of not allowing other people to walk over personal rights and flagrantly deny access or exit to a drive way.

Parking slightly off the road might be acceptable, but parking straight in the grass is rude and definitely illegal. Some people pay good money to upkeep their lawn, and the violation of personal rights is also offensive. The home owner has every right to call the authorities and the impound lot. With a little investigation, the tow truck will remove that blemish on civil liberty.

It might be more polite to contact the owner of the vehicle and ask them to move it, but this might not always be practical. The owner might be nowhere to be found, and some neighbors might be disorderly. Personal risk is a reason not to bother a potentially dangerous group. Whatever the reason, contacting the authorities might be the best solution.

It best not to manipulate an unidentified car, especially if it appears to have wrecked into the yard. An abandoned car might be a crime scene. The police should be contacted as soon as possible in order to investigate the situation and collect the vehicle for evidence. More is at stake than an unwanted vehicle. Traces of criminal activity or a missing person might be present in the car.

A crash might be the result of drunkenness. While drinking and driving is irresponsible, an empty vehicle means that the drunk stumbled off somewhere. A strange person in an unfamiliar neighborhood puts the driver at risk of injury and exposure to the environment. It is true that a drunk might endanger people in the neighborhood, but a drunk might also inflict harm on himself.